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English Speaking Vending Machine Market Penetration

e-Brochures – Pamphlets – Web content – Operating and Technical Manuals – Sales Presentations – You Tube Scripting – Flyers – Voice Overs – Catalogues – Newsletters – Product and Specification Sheets – Posters – Technical Bulletins – Special Events Brochures – Executive Biographies – Company History – Mission Statements – Direct Mail – Point of Sale Displays


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Service Objectives

Establishing market belief in your product

  • Quality and reliability
  • Service support
  • Organisational proficiency
  • Ensure complete understanding of your

  • Marketing Content
  • Call to action
  • Providing Instructional Content that is

  • Clear and concise
  • Easy to understand
  • M A X I M I S E YOUR M A R K E T I N G M E S S A G E I M P A C T

    Professional English Writing Service Menu And Price Guide

    Notes: All prices are in Australian Dollar(AUD).

    Price - AUD
    Item #1

    Content Review

    Company History
    Direct Mail
    Executive -Biographies
    Mission Statements
    Product Sheets
    Point of Sale Display
    Web content


    1. Check grammar, spelling and sentence construction
    2. Examine content for relevance and accuracy
    3. Evaluate ease of understanding
    4. Highlight areas for improvement and correct minor errors
    5. Advise if a re-write is required

    Scope:     First page

    Each additional page A4 up to 500 words



    Item #2


    Company History
    Direct Mail
    Executive -Biographies
    Mission Statements
    Product Sheets
    Point of Sale Display
    Web content


    1. Modify grammar, spelling and sentence construction
    2. Ensure content relevance
    3. Re-write the document
      1. Optimise the use of English and description accuracy
      2. Replace ineffective wording with compelling language
      3. Reconstruct sentences for easier articulation
      4. Ensure hierarchy of information is correct
    4. Ensure entire document is easily understood
    5. Ensure marketing message and call-to-action are clearly and powerfully stated - rectify and present in professionally written English

    Scope:     First page

    Each additional page A4 up to 500 words



    Item #3


    Power Point You Tube Video Productions Sales Presentations

    Original script writing

    1. Interrogate brief / Client briefing:
      1. Production Objectives
      2. Industry sector target
      3. Nationality of target
      4. Buyer demographic
      5. Call to action
      6. Product or service features
      7. Length of production
      8. Media type
      9. Scripting format
    2. Development of script
    3. 1st draft
    4. Modifications / Variations
    5. 2nd draft
    Approval and FINAL

    Scope:     Up to 500 words.

    Next 500



    Item #4

    Voice Over

    Power Point You Tube Video Production

    [Electronic delivery - MP3]

    1. Test run script, make adjustments for timing and articulation
    2. Record multiple takes
    3. Review recorded tracks
    4. Choose and edit final track
    5. Review final
    6. Apply audio treatments to ensure consistent audio level
    7. Master in MP3 format for presentation to client
    8. Client comments / adjustment / approval
    9. Make any client specified alterations
    10. Produce final for production use and deliver MP3

    Scope:     First recorded minute

    Each additional 30 seconds



    Item #5

    Operating & Instruction manuals

    Catalogues Manuals Technical Bulletin

    Re-write existing manual to easiest level of understanding

    1. Overview
    2. Introduction
    3. Index and mapping
    4. Production
    5. Carefully crafted explanation of each critical function of your machine

    Scope:     VMC manuals up to 20 pages


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    How to access our services

    1. Read and Select your required service from our service menu Service Menu
    2. Go to Contact
      • Fill the contact form
      • Attach content in Microsoft Word
    3. Wait for return email from Vending English.com with
      • Completion date confirmation
      • Invoice with reference number
      • Payment Link
    4. Make payment using Invoice number reference [Credit card – AliPay – WeChatPay]
    5. Receive completed work for your review and approval

    All content must be supplied in Microsoft Word in English, no translation service is offered.

    Credentials – Geoff Sedgwick

    • Born to English parents, English is my home language
    • British Education System Schooling [GCE Attainment]
    • Masters Degree in Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Communications industry background
    • Skilled in the writing of business, technical and creative content
    • 15 years Vending Industry experience at all levels

    Credentials Image

    Sample of Works

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